Sure, there are always cute guys to stare at at the bar, but it's not like the place doesn't have any problems. Dirty bathrooms, creepy old dudes hitting on you, not to mention the crazy overpriced drinks. So why waste the money and risk being vomited on by some sleazy guy who's had a few too many when you can have a totally fun and crazy bachelorette party right in the comfort of your own home? These are some games that can make that night in a night that none of you will ever forget.
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Kiss the Stud
Here's another pin the tail on the donkey kind of game. I don't like it quite as much as Pin the Macho on the Man, mostly because that one has all those silly penis-shaped items to pin, but this one has its advantages too. For one thing, the man is a cartoon and is wearing underwear, and you're pinning kisses instead of penises, so its a lot less graphic and more appropriate for any party. Of course, that doesn't mean girls won't love this at a raunchier party, too - it's a flexible game, because, who says you have to pin the kisses on the guy's mouth? The picture suggests another possible target which some girls might be more inclined to use! Oh, and of course, as with any game like this, don't forget a blindfold!
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Ball Toss
My favorite thing about this game is the name. You toss balls into nets that are attached to - what else - balls! This is a really fun game and it works great at any stay-at-home party, but it's best played earlier in the night. Because as the night goes on and the drinks keep flowing, people might start to lose the coordination and accuracy to score any points! Of course, maybe that's actually a good thing, because it will probably make it funnier for everyone else to watch!
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Sobriety Test
While the Naughty Bachelorette Party Citations let you act like a cop, this is a game that has you pretending you're stuck on the other side of the law. It is like taking a sobriety test, but a really crazy one, with a whole bunch of tasks and challenges that you would never have to complete if a cop just pulled you over on the side of the road! One thing's for sure though, if you're drunk, you will definitely have trouble completing them! I like this game because it has you doing a lot more physical stunts and challenges than most bachelorette party games. It's best played at home though, because there will probably be drinking involved while you're playing it, and you want to make sure that this is the only sobriety test you have to take that night!
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Naughty Charades
Just like its clean counterpart, Miss Bachelorette's Charades, Naughty Charades takes an old party classic and makes it suitable for a bachelorette party. But notice that I said "suitable," not "appropriate," because this game is anything but! When it's your turn and it's time to draw a card, don't expect to be acting out anything tame like "groom" or "flower girl." Instead, you can expect to see your friends doing their best impressions of a "sex slave" or "quickie." And from my experience, it's never not hilarious!
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Outta Control Bingo Game
This is your standard bingo game, but with a twist - instead of numbers, the spaces are marked by bachelorette party phrases like "flirt" and "sexy" and "male stripper!" This is probably the raunchiest of the games I consider clean, because there are a couple of phrases in here that might make the shyest girls blush, like "nice buns" and "flash 'em." But they're nothing you can't handle with a drink in you, right? A couple more and you'll be yelling out those phrases with pride! This is a great way to embarrass the more reserved bride-to-be a little without completely disgusting her.