The bachelorette party is your last chance to be naughty and wild, so don't waste it! These games are for the girls who want their last night out to be filled with all the penises and naughty words they can handle. Whether you're tossing around a shaking penis or asking strangers to take candy off your body with their mouths, these are the games that should come with a warning label: "Not for the faint of heart or easily embarrassed!"
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Suck for a Buck Sash
What's better than a fun party game? A fun party game that you get PAID to play! This is a genius idea. You attach candy to the sash, and charge guys $1 to remove it with their mouths. And believe me, you would be very surprised how many guys are willing to do that, The best part is, you can just keep attaching candy if you run out and keep making money with it all night long! Every time I've seen this sash in action, it's more than paid for itself. And it caused a ton of laughs, too!
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Naughty Charades
Just like its clean counterpart, Miss Bachelorette's Charades, Naughty Charades takes an old party classic and makes it suitable for a bachelorette party. But notice that I said "suitable," not "appropriate," because this game is anything but! When it's your turn and it's time to draw a card, don't expect to be acting out anything tame like "groom" or "flower girl." Instead, you can expect to see your friends doing their best impressions of a "sex slave" or "quickie." And from my experience, it's never not hilarious!
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Dirty Minds
Dirty Minds is one of the raunchiest games I've ever played, but not because the game itself is dirty - it's because the players' minds are! How it works is, you're given three clues, which all point to something dirty, and you have to guess the answer... but the answer is never what it seems! Here's an example:
-The hotter I am, the harder I get.
-I can only get laid once.
-The argument is whether I came first.
The answer? An egg! What were you thinking, you pervert?
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Pecker Ring Toss
I love the pecker ring toss because it's fun and practical. It's basically no different from horseshoes, but there's something about the target being a penis that makes it so much more fun. This game works great at the bar or at home, and it glows in the dark, too! Oh, and how is it practical, you ask? Well, you can use it to tell who's had the most to drink by seeing who has the worst aim!
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Hot Willy
Who really wants to toss around a hot potato? They're pretty much the most boring vegetable there is. A hot willy, on the other hand, is a lot more exciting! The rules are simple, but there's a lot of ways you can make the game more interesting. For example, you could make girls take a shot or perform a dare when they go out! You have to be careful with this game, though. It's a shaking penis. So you might want to make sure none of the girls try to take it home with them for a "one player game," if you know what I mean!
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Pin the Macho on the Man
Remember how fun it was to play pin the tail on the donkey as a kid at birthday parties? Well, guess what, it can still be fun for adults! But not with a donkey; oh, no. You don't want to have to deal with a smelly ass at your bachelorette party - you'll be doing enough of that in your marriage! Instead, upgrade that donkey for a hunk, and that tail for, well, just about anything, from a trout to a golf club to eggs and bacon! Make sure you get a good look at all of the pinnable items, because some of them are downright hilarious. This game will definitely have everyone at your party talking and laughing at the silly playing pieces. Remember to get a blindfold to make sure nobody cheats, but honestly, who would cheat on a hunky guy like this?